Looking to increase your engagement & retention with your most valuable resource?  Discover unique Team Building & Motivational Keynote Speaking solutions that deliver results.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

High-energy speaking presentations engage audiences through active participation, impactful storytelling, and actionable solutions.
Learn about and build teams, energize your event, connect in meaningful ways, plus have so much FUN! 

The Business that Cared

New - This timely book is a story and tool kit that enables managers to better lead teams. This hilarious and interactive presentation makes a content rich winning keynote.  

Team Building - Management Development - Project Management

Livin’ Life Large™

Highly Requested - Explore ways to create a more balanced lifestyle personally and professionally through good tools like: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes, Feel a bit Off Kilter, and Leading Legacies through Mentoring.

Work/Life Balance - Networking - Sustainable Success - Management

Leader’s Pack

Explore 81 different team-building solutions that can be applied immediately. Explore Virtual and On-Site Team options that will help you develop a great team of engaged colleagues.

Team Building Tools - Multiple Intelligences - Project Management 

14-Minute Mentor

Building a Structured Mentoring Strategy for: Talent Management, Retention & Engagement.  This engaging presentation leaves attendees with a clear understanding of how to transfer knowledge and grow.

Structured Mentoring - Engagement - Retention - Organizational Development - Management

Friday State of Mind

Fantastic Keynote for Networking and Injecting a High Energy Buzz into your Next Event.  Learn to accentuate the Friday State of Mind into Monday Blahs to build better workplaces.

Fun - Networking - Attitude - Adventure Stories - Storytelling - Life Balance

Supersized EMCEE & Panel Host

Client Fav - This is a meeting planners answer to building a conference experience that will not soon be forgotten. A custom set of high energy, hilarious, and focused event tools to make your MainStage shine.

Keynote Interviews - Networking - Engaging Games - Ice Breakers

Catchin' the Carrot

Creating a Personal Strategic Plan to Guide Work/Life Success, Balance & Wellness.  Storytelling and active journalling make this a thought provoking, fun and productive experience.

Work/Life Balance - Goal Setting - Life Planning Strategy

Message in a Bottle 

A Gentle & Engaging way to enhance Relationships by Connecting to one another in Unique and Fun ways.  Explore the value of strong communities that help to build and mentor each other.  

Engagement - Relationship Building - Caring through Connection

(Your Title Here)

Need high-impact Leadership or Team Development? Structured Mentoring? High- Energy Conference Opener/Closer? Engaging EMCEE or other specific objective?  

Invite Tyler to build a custom learning event, that will not soon be forgotten.

Team Building Deep Dive

Top Manager Development - An In Depth look at Team Building that Solidifies a Managers Tool Kit for Engaging their Teams.  Learn tools you can immediately implement, plus understand the reasons why those tools work.

Team Building Theory - Multiple Intelligences - Tools & More Tools

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The flow has a wealthy barber feel which I like. The learnings are valuable and communicated well with ease of implementing. As someone who has been both mentor and mentee, this book would be a valuable asset for both. Well done!

- COO, Unique Solutions

Team Building Events

With three decades of delivering Team Building activities, Tyler effortlessly builds engaging icebreaker & team building events for high value meetings and large scale events.  Discover the power of professional team learning with Team Building School approved team building events.

In It to Win It Team Event

Most Requested Event Hilarious - Low Organized Competitions - that Teach Team Skills & Much More. It's fast paced, and customized to reach your learning outcomes.

Interpersonal  - Mathematical/Logical - Visual Kinaesthetic  

Tail Gate Challenge

New - Perfect Event that comes to your Parking Lot with Inclusive Sports Inspired Games & Ruckus Fun.  A great way to connect teams in a fun and effective way.

Kinaesthetic - Naturalistic - Math/Logical - Visual

Beach Day Battle

New - Fun inspired by the best days at the beach.  Seriously, who doesn't love a day of playing games at the beach with friends.  Games are challenging, fun, and balanced so everyone can play.

Interpersonal - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Intrapersonal 

NABCAR Design & Racing

Highly Requested - Design, Build, & Race Pine Box Derby cars. Teams will be judged on several fun challenges.  

Mathematical/Logical - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Intrapersonal - Linguistic

Cardboard Arcade

Your team accesses their innovation & creativity to build an Arcade using a cardboard box (and a few other things).

Mathematical/Logical - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Intrapersonal 

Fix'er Flop - Builders Edition

Design & Build as a team a themed House.  Teams will compete for coveted prizes.

Mathematical/Logical - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Musical 

Better Bus

More than just a team event, we take you on a Community Building feel good adventure that makes a difference.

Interpersonal - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Naturalistic 

Custom Designed Team Building Event

Client Fav Small Team, Executive Style, Initiative Based Learning.  Expertly facilitated with custom outcomes.

Custom fit to your teams MIQ Profile.  Contact Us to find out more.

80's Arcade Challenge

This is a throw back to when video games were less first person and more "bleep and cha-ching." This interactive experience has your team not only playing retro games - but living components of those game in real life.

Mathematical/Logical - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Intrapersonal

Light it Up! Game Show

Client Fav - Amazing Learning Event - Multiple Live Game Shows with your Custom Content to Teach Your Outcomes.

Intrapersonal - Interpersonal - Visual - Linguistic

Scavenger Hunter Race

Small Team Scavenger Hunt custom fit to your locale. Team challenges at each stop & a red carpet winner.

Mathematical/Logical - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Naturalistic

Perfectly Putt

Upgraded with New Gear- Indoor Golf Challenge that sees teams build a themed course. A teaching tool for your custom learning needs.

Mathematical/Logical - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Naturalistic

Monet's Canvas & NFT's

A Visioning and Planning event to align your team ... that culminates in an Art Show where they are the stars or some charitable fund-raising.

Linguistic - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Intrapersonal

Chocoholic Delight Build

Imagine a whole town made of chocolate! This is that & a bunch more. Planning, Strategy, & Teamwork.  

Interpersonal - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Mathematical/Logical

Cake Battle

New - An interactive challenge that sees teams compete to win "Bling" to decorate their themed Cake.

Interpersonal - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Mathematical/Logical

Ice Breaker Games

A co-operative gaming extravaganza.  You bring the people, we get them all playing together - at once.

Interpersonal - Kinaesthetic - Naturalistic - Mathematical/Logical

Escape Room Tournament

Highly engaging event, Small Team, Highly Visual and Cognitive, Extreme Problem Solving Required.  

Mathematical/Logical - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Naturalistic

Team Tech Tournament

This is a game series like no others.  Your team will compete in everything from video games to drones and RC cars to web skills.

Mathematical/Logical - Kinaesthetic - Visual - Intrapersonal

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Tyler can definitely keep a crowd awake and interested with his amazing life adventures, and his ability to put a spin on them which we can all relate to is quite unique. He connects with the audience using good humour and delivers positive energy in the room throughout his performance. I would recommend Tyler to speak at any function.

- Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association

Learning Designer

Discover new ways of building learning design solutions that speak to today’s workforce by selecting Tyler Hayden, with over 25 years of learning design experience Tyler has worked with select clients from Fortune 500 to Inc 5000 and government to NFP.  He's inspired by a great story, and a team that is excited to make a difference for their people. Reach out, and see how Tyler can help you and your organization.

Manager Mastermind

Perfect customized learning solution for a management team.  It combines the power of the mastermind with a structured mentoring approach.  Learning process is custom designed based on your teams unique learning needs, and delivered over one fiscal year.

Customized Learning Design

We will custom design and deliver a world class learning program.  From single to multi-day and remote to train-the-trainer our programs are designed with your measurable outcomes at the forefront.  Invest wisely in programming that is professionally designed and learnercentric.

Learning Through Movie Magic

We will custom design and deliver customized Hollywood movie magic.  This could be for a fun event promotional video.  A drip video learning series.  Or even something we haven't dreamed up yet.  Either way we will co-create a set of videos that have measurable learning objectives that are fun and engaging. 

Remote Learning Design

For more than a decade Tyler has been studying remote learning in teams.  We will evaluate then build learning tools increasing your bench strength to level-up your remote learning programs.  From gamification to trainer coaching and synchronous to asynchronous learning - we've got you covered. 

Micro Learning for Frontline Leaders

Front line leaders are where the rubber hits the road.  We specialize in building right sized micro learning experiences that meet these unique learners in their place of learning. We will work together with your leadership to design and deliver customized structured learning sessions that are measurable and actionable in your real-time business.

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