Here are 3 More Ways to Build Team Remote Meetings that Matter and Boost Engagement

Looking for things to do with your Remote Team... here you go. ; )

Here are 3 more ways to build team remote meetings that matter and boost engagement

Engagement is an important part of team building.

But improving and maintaining team engagement can be challenging, especially online.

So far, we’ve covered 6 different ideas to use when designing your meetings. Check out the previous newsletters

Here are three more ideas you can use:

1. Meet at the water cooler. Schedule your meeting so that there is some time for socialization before it starts. This time to reconnect helps your team bond and feel more connected during the meeting.

2. Meet, pair, share. When working with your team remotely, you need to give them opportunities to explore ideas in different formats. Break-out rooms are a great way to make pairs or small groups so that your team members can collaborate away from the larger group.

3. Use storytelling. People connect to stories. In your engagement design, it’s important to use stories that highlight or connect with your learning content. This will help your team relate to the content and increase their engagement. Encourage team members to share their stories as well and celebrate small successes together.

And that’s it!

These are simple yet effective ideas to consider when designing your meetings.

Using them will make your teams more meaningful and encourage your team members to engage.

Have you tried any of these techniques?

How did they work for you?

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