Facilitate Effective Event-Based learning with your Team Using these 3 Tools

Looking for a couple ideas to help facilitate your events more effectively... you've found 'em.

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Now on with the 3 Tools!

Facilitate effective event-based learning with your team using these 3 tools

As a facilitator, you know the importance of conducting effective learning events.

You want your team engaged, motivated, and innovative.

Luckily, there are some simple tools you can use to make sure that happens.

During your next event-based learning session, try these three things:

1. Discussion

2. Brainstorming

3. The Three Stars Activity

Discussions help your team dive deeper into the concepts they are learning. This can be as simple as asking the right questions and actively listening.

Brainstorming creates a broad view of the question at hand. This is similar a discussion, but the ideas are shared openly and freely without immediate discussion. Miro.com is a great tool you can use.

The Three Stars Activity helps you prioritize the information you’ve collected through discussing and brainstorming.

Each learner has three stars, and they can allocate them to collective ideas however they like. Either all on one, one on each, etc. The ideas with the most stars remain and can be delved into further.

Go ahead!

Use these three tools in your next event and let me know how it goes.

Want more?

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See you next time!