3 Ways to Build Team Meetings that Matter and Boost Engagement

Check out these 3 ideas that are easy to implement for your next meeting!

Here are 3 ways to build team meetings that matter and boost engagement

No one wants to show up to a meeting only to feel like it wasn’t worth their time.

Working with your team’s strengths and interests during a remote meeting goes a long way toward increasing their engagement.

But the effort that you put into creating the meeting beforehand is just as important, if not more so!

Here are 3 ideas to help you build a remote meeting that actually matters.

1. Know your competition. Consider possible distractions like family members, pets, social media, you name it! Encourage team members to find a quiet place and disconnect from their electronics during the meeting time.

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2. Give ‘em props. While preparing, think about your message. Can you use props and tools to support your message? If so, use them! Whiteboards, emojis, and gifs are all helpful.

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3. Progress bar. Your team members’ time is valuable, so use a progress bar in your slide decks so that your team members can see how far the meeting has progressed and how much time is left.

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Your team members can tell when you’ve put effort into the meeting. They can tell when you are considerate of their time, and they’ll appreciate it!

What do you include in your meetings to make them more impactful?

Share some of your ideas in the comments!

Looking for more ideas?

Stay tuned – I’ll introduce three more in the next post.

Til then!