3 Useful Tools for Facilitating Effective Event-Based learning with your Team

Ideas, ideas, ideas... check these out and you can apply them to your next meeting!


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3 Useful Tools for Facilitating Effective Event-Based Learning with your Team

As a facilitator, you know the importance of an engaged, motivated team.

And using event-based learning sessions is a great way to make sure your team is up to speed and on the same page.

To make those event-based learning events more effective, try these 3 tools:

1. Trainer intervention.

2. Ground rules

3. Voting

Trainer intervention is a way for you to encourage constructive and discourage deconstructive interactions between your team members. Be sure to chime in regarding team behaviours and guide the group towards positive and productive target outcomes. You can do this by pulling someone aside if the behaviour needs to be addressed in private. Also, you can make a general reminder to the team of agreed to "ground rules." 👇

Ground rules create scope for the session and also help manage the behaviour of the team. Make sure these are clearly outlined in the beginning and agreed upon by your team. One tool we use for this is called a full value contract. Here you have team members create a charter or "how we work together." To do this you have each person think of a behaviour that they have experienced in a team that made it the "best team ever" (i.e. communicated well, delivered on-time, asked for help, trusted each other, etc.) Write those in the middle of the charter (aka poster board - lol)... then on the outside write behaviours that we don't want in our team, behaviours that make being on a team "the worst team ever" (i.e. cutting comments, missing deadlines, not delegating, etc). Those get written on the outside of the "charter." Then have the group discuss, and agree to/adjust the charter so that everyone can be in agreement of the terms of the charter -- now you have ground rules.

Voting can be single or multi, meaning that either individuals or groups vote on different aspects of the event. Voting helps to prioritize the event’s process and encourages group ideas that matter. People love their opinions being heard and will lean into helping out with things that they have added their voice to. Try using tools like Slido, Kahoot or other gamification tools to get team members to add their ideas and vote on what to add to your upcoming event.

Using these three tools during your event-based learning session will help keep your team on track, engaged, and productive.

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