3 Reasons Why Storytelling is a Powerful Engagement Tool.

A couple ideas on how to use storytelling to engage your team.

3 Reasons Why Storytelling is a Powerful Engagement Tool.

It’s no secret 🤫 –

As humans, we love stories.

We use them to connect, to convey, and to motivate.

And you can use storytelling to build a stronger team and encourage engagement.


1. Helps learners see practical applications 🧰 of what they are learning

2. Creates a connection between learning objectives 🎯and personal experiences

3. Encourages 🥰 empathy and understanding between team members

You can use storytelling during your next team learning event.

Here’s how:

When preparing your learning outcomes, think of a way you were able to practically use them in your own life/work experience. Share that 🎬 story with your learners after you introduce the concepts.

Give your learners time to process the outcomes and your story.

Then, encourage your team members to share stories of their own.

It’s that simple.

And it’s effective.

Storytelling gives your learners context and meaning and leads them to care more about what you are teaching

It’s a great facilitation tool that you can easily apply to your next learning event.

🚀Go ahead – give it a try!

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