Here are 3 fun and clever ways to increase your remote team’s engagement

3 quick team engagement ideas that you can implement to increase fun & engagement with your team at your next remote meeting.

Here are 3 fun and clever ways to increase your remote team’s engagement

Nothing is more painful than a Zoom screen 📺 full of silent participants. Especially when you’ve seen your team engage well in the office. The truth is, online engagement is difficult, so you may need to try to different approaches to get your remote team to sit up 🪑, speak up 📣, and engage🚀.

Try these 3 fun and clever engagement techniques with your team:

💥 Have members log on without their usual screen name and use a picture of their pet (or favourite hobby, book, binge worthy show) as their profile image. Team members can guess who they think each pet belongs to.

💥 On a Friday, go on a virtual “pub” crawl. Have each team member pick a fun website or one that they easily get lost for hours in and spend five minutes sharing it with the team over a social beverage. Give each team member a chance to share. (For added fun, have a Uber Eats deliver beverages to each person at the same time, or send a "beverage" in a package that everyone opens at the same time).

💥 Start a Kudos Board where team members can post and boast about each other’s accomplishments. (Try or You can even do this on Twist or Slack ... positive recognition is a powerful tool for many team members.

It’s easy for remote workers to burn out, so using engagement techniques that are lighthearted and fun is a great way to keep them motivated and engaged.

What team-building techniques do you use with your team? Have you tried any of these? How did they work for you? I'd love to hear about them...

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