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Motivational Keynote Speaker

Motivational keynote speakers don’t come any better. Tyler Hayden is as unique as he is hilarious: his keynote speeches are guaranteed to energize, entertain, and inspire!

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Staff Training

Inspiring & Fun Workshops

From team building to executive and management retreats, Tyler’s workshops are customized to the learning needs of the client including industry research and specialist collaborators.

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Light it Up!

Unique Teambuilding Products

Not your ordinary team building products. Tyler’s Gladiator Olympics, Andy 500, Thrival vs Survival, and other unique team building games and products have the power of fun.


Fresh Speaking Solutions

Solutions Fresh, Not Canned

Tyler loves traditional consultants. Nice suits, fancy brief cases, lots of acronyms, and of course billing by the hour for tired, cut and paste solutions. Ridiculous!

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Motivational Keynote Speaker & Team Building

Canadian motivational keynote speaker

A keynote speaker like you’ve never seen before! Canada’s answer to alternative energy, Tyler Hayden, an internationally respected team builder, author, and conference and business speaker delivers a powerful punch that inspires teams, innovates management techniques, and invigorates team culture. When it comes to empowering audiences and teams to succeed – and to be their best every day, Tyler leads the way with insight and laughter.

Also author of sixteen books, and the creative mind behind several powerful and fun team building products, Tyler’s team building workshops and motivational keynote speeches receive rave reviews from managers and business leaders.

Team Building Activities and More

Personal Development Books

Great Books
Life is simple. We make it complicated.

Change Your Life

Team Building Products

Some of the best and most original team-building products available.

100% Guaranteed Fun

Team Building CDs

Team Suites
Jam-packed with ready-to-use teambuilding activities!

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