Writer, artist, adventurer, traveller, Tyler practices what he preaches and ‘lives life large’!

1Tyler worked 8 years with the Young Presidents Organization starting when he was 23 years old.

2Tyler is married to a beautiful and successful Cape Breton woman.

3Tyler is a proud father.

4Tyler has worked for himself full time since he graduated university.

5Tyler was once on unemployment insurance and welfare.

6Tyler is a successful property developer.

7Tyler has made and sold sculpture to people internationally.

8Tyler has raised over $7000 for charity in 1 hour with his paintings.

9Tyler’s thumb joints are fused together.

10Tyler has backpacked through Europe.

11Tyler has ridden a camel.

12Tyler has gone canyoning in the Swiss Alps.

13Tyler has gone skydiving.

14Tyler has met Gandhi’s grandson.

15Tyler has written 6 books and countless team-building tools.

16Tyler renovated a 250-year-old Cape Cod home.

17Tyler used to be a beekeeper and chicken farmer.

18Tyler has gone dog sledding.

19Tyler has provided motivational presentations internationally.

20Tyler won a trophy of Ronald McDonald.

21Tyler has gone topless at a topless beach.

22Tyler has sailed on the "Bluenose."

23Tyler had an 8-foot Boa wrapped around his neck.

24Tyler has gone Polar Dipping.

25Tyler is the proud father of two beautiful daughters.

26Tyler couldn’t read until he was in Grade 4.

27Tyler has trekked with the polar bears in the Canadian Arctic.

28Tyler bred and sold Lovebirds.

29Tyler won his first speaking competition in Grade 5.

30Tyler is a survivor of sexual abuse.

31Tyler can tell you over 400 different things about yourself by the footprints you leave.

32Tyler has had a Turkish bath in Turkey.

33Tyler has lost 4 pant sizes, and doesn’t want them back.

34Tyler loves to cook.

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