Thrival vs. Survival

Need some change?  Need a team breakthrough? Prepared to shock your team back into reality – welcome to Thrival vs. Survival.

Building that entrepreneurial work spirit is the theme of this event.  We very vividly demonstrate how hard work, collective effort, and strategic use of resources enable a group to achieve magnificent things.  Your team will be dropped off in the middle of nowhere in the woods for the night with limited resources.  The group must survive.

Into the night our team will extract the survivors and bring them to a luxurious hotel for all the extravagances from food to sleep.  Then in then in the morning our expert facilitators will dig deep into the two very dichotomous experiences and begin to build the entrepreneurial spirit of your team.

If you are ready to subject your team to some discomfort, and challenge their abilities – you’re ready for Thrival vs. Survival.

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