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Teambuilding 20 – A Team Game

Published 2010

If you want to put together a great team sometimes you have to roll the dice. Well at least for this team building game you do. Teambuilding 20 has become a client favorite, and a trainer’s best activity to have in their back pocket. It’s interactive, fun and engaging. This little card game will have your team sharing like they were best friends in high school – a simple, powerful and engaging team building activity.

Card Game (English): $40

Teambuilding with Intelligence – Effective Icebreakers and Debriefing Tools - Paperback

View Sample (PDF)
Published 2005, 2009: ISBN 978-1-897050-26-2

This book is designed for managers, trainers, and team designers who want to reach more people with greater accuracy. Using Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences and Tyler Hayden’s Multiple Intelligence Quotient you will quickly realize that reaching employees means adjusting your style to deliver and assign tasks as they relate to the individuals strongest intelligence. Not only will you grasp this simple approach, but you will also have hours of ready to use tools at your finger tips. This book does not collect dust!

Paperback: $22
E-Book: $2 Buy from Smashwords

Coffee Talk – The Get to Know You Game – Paperback

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Published 2006: ISBN 1-897050-08-9

This intimate and interactive team-building game will have you and your team getting to know one another with the flip of a page. This is the premiere way to get your groups talking and a real hit at your next meeting, retreat or road trip!

The book is bilingual in French and English.

Paperback: $15
E-Book: $2 Buy from Smashwords

Coffee Talk 2 – The Get to Know You Game - Paperback

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Published 2006: ISBN 1-897050-25-9

The resounding success of "Coffee Talk" was answered with "Coffee Talk 2!" The same intimate and interactive team-building game you have come to love with all new questions! Same stellar impact you expect and a great team building activity for your next retreat!

Paperback: $15
E-Book: $2 Buy from Smashwords

Talkalote Pizzeria

Published 2007

This game is an absolute blast to play with a team that is between 4 and 14 members. It is easy to learn to play, you won’t break a sweat, doesn’t take any special skills, cooperative in nature, and one of the best ways to get people talking with each other.

The team building game is based on the table game “quarters” where one individual bounces a quarter off the table and if it lands in the plate that is sitting on the table the group must perform a task, in our case answer a question from one of the six stacks of questions. Teams get to know each other easily as dialogue quickly opens up about questions like, “Would you rather, be the lead singer for an ABBA or AC/DC cover band?” And, which would you rather do and why “Be Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker?” With over 300 important questions like that – this game is a great way to open dialogue and get to know your team a bit better.

Full game includes: hand painted pizza plate, painted bottle caps, bag, quarter, cards, score sheet, rules, all in a pizza box!

This is definitely a great tool for any manager or trainer to have in their toolbox for an upcoming meeting, retreat or training event.

Talkalote Pizzeria Board Game: $75

Team Suite One - Team Building Activities (CD ROM)

Published: April 2008

This CD ROM is jam packed with ready to use teambuilding activities. You will be able to have interesting, fun and ready to go team activities for your next meeting. This Team Suite contains these fantastic team development activities:

Scavenger Hunter – various 15 minute scavenger hunts custom designed for Hotels, Cars, Brief Cases, and more. This challenge comes complete with a countdown clock and ready to print sheets. All you have to do is bring the people!

Commonalities – This is a quick warm up/get to know you event that pits table against table to see who is the most alike! Great fun, and truly explains the adage “truth is stranger than fiction!”

Last Call – This too is a quick get to know you/ice breaker elimination game. Individuals will be pitted against each other to see who won’t miss “Last Call.”

I Like You Because... – Often times we don’t say what we mean, and even rarer still do we write it down. This fantastic recognition event has us do the later. You’ll see smiles from ear to ear on participants at the conclusion of this event; it’s one of Tyler’s favourites!

Fact or Fiction – This is an awesome team trivia competition. It takes a bit of set up on your part, in both prep and implementation – but you’ll experience a low cost, high impact get to know the team event with this one. This event can last 30 to 40 minutes or be used progressively throughout your meeting day. Tons of fun.

CD-ROM: $120
Jump Drive with Team Suite 1 & 2: $200

Team Suite 2 - Team Building Activities (CD-ROM)

Published April 2008: ISBN 978-1-897050-33-0

This CD ROM is jam packed with ready to use teambuilding activities. You will be able to have interesting, fun and ready to go team activities for your next meeting. This Team Suite contains these fantastic team development activities:

Light It UP – One of Tyler’s most engaged team events. You’re going to love “playing this game at home.” You’ll get all the templates you need and the content generators for this high energy, and often hilarious event. You get the whole package... well except you’ll need to find your own host because like batteries – Tyler’s not included.

Thoughts on Fire – About to do some problem solving or planning at your next meeting. Then this activity is for you. This slide show is jam packed with engaging brain teasers that will get your team’s brains pumping on all cylinders, and quick.

Situation Room – This is a fantastic group of creative thinking experiences. Your team will be given a problem to solve. They will then begin to creatively find solutions. But the event doesn’t stop there – there are twists and turns that will really get their pencils sharpened.

4 Corners – This is a fast and furious event. In 10 minutes your team will categorize themselves based on their preferences and see who else on the team shares their likes. This is a quick and fun way to break the ice with almost any group.

Coffee Talk – This is a great way to get people taking. Tyler is a fan of “no breaks” during a team event. So one of the tools he built for coffee breaks was “Coffee Talk” the most entertaining little book you’ve ever read with someone else. This happens to be the electronic version... a fantastic way to spend a bit of a break!

CD-ROM: $120
Jump Drive with Team Suite 1 & 2: $200

Leader's Pack - Leadership Training - CD ROM Multimedia Software

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Published 2000: ISBN 1-897050-00-3

This is a comprehensive 119-page guide to non-traditional soft skill development experiences. This interactive CD ROM is easy to use and jam-packed with our favourite youth client approved soft skill development activities.

You will have easy to print lesson plans for topics like communication, leadership, team-building, and intrapersonal development. Plus there is a ton of tips for structuring and delivering meaningful and fun debriefs, the theory of Experiential Education, and how to build a retreat-based learning program. Leader’s Pack is a proven tool for every trainer’s tool kit.

CD-ROM: $120
Software Download: $75

University Leader Training Manual - E-Book

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Published 2005: ISBN 1-897050-13-5

This experientially sequenced multiple-day retreat is focused on creating highly effective, efficient, energized and caring university leaders. It is based in the development of soft skills like trust and team-building, effective communication skills, and intrapersonal development. In addition it explores hard skills like organizing your team, remembering when you were a new student, and team building games just for fun! Some of our clients have used our programs for the past 5 years with resounding success. A phenomenal way to kick off your year!

Receive a coupon for $500 off one of Tyler's high-energy keynotes when you purchase this training manual.

University Leader Training Manual - E-Book: $450

New Student Council Training Program - E-Book

View Sample (PDF)
Published 2002: ISBN 1-897050-25-9

Get your student council working on the same page at the beginning of the year. Combining team-building activities with and eye-opening insight, his retreat-styled manual will help you to plan better activities, make more money, and work better as a team.

New Student Council Training Program - E-Book: $35

Team Trip Plan - eBook

View Sample (PDF)
(Published 2007: ISBN 978-1-897050-29-1)

I think it was the boy scouts that said, “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” That being said check out this little process team design tool that can help you to plan out your teams development over 4 Quarters. Experience says that busy team leaders have very little time for planning their teams development. This tool allows you to stream line the planning by doing it upfront and strategically enabling the manager to know what needs to be done with out too much labour. Try it for less than the cost of a beer.

E-Book: $2

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