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A Father’s Message in a Bottle

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Published 2012: ISBN 978-1771081962

This book is a wonderful collection of heartfelt letters from fathers around the world to their children. Among others, there's a letter from a dad who lost his son in a terrorist bombing in the Middle East, a pilot who was friends with the captain of the Pennsylvania downed 9/11 plane, corporate executives with powerful loving messages, and regular dads full of wisdom for their children.

The book is filled with messages of hope, learning, and inspiration. It is a unique book as it is both a parenting tool as well as an inspirational read. We further create a unique book by inviting every dad to participate in the book’s content by reserving space for them to write their own letter to their children, making the book even more meaningful to the recipients. That's right, at the beginning of the book we have included space for Dad to write a personal letter to his children before he gives them the book. It is a wonderful way to personalize the gift and create a lifelong meaningful gift for a child of any age.

Further, we have a premiere way for Dad's to share their letter typewritten in the book. We carefully create a custom hardcover book with the Father's letter front and center, complete with custom dedication and beautifully printed. This one of a kind book is a gift that will leave a lasting memory and be cherished for sure for years to come.

Paperback: $20
Custom Hardcover: $125
Additional Hardcover: $45

Livin’ Life Large®™ – Simple Actions that Create Success - Paperback

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Published 2005: ISBN 1-897050-03-8

Life is simple. We make it complicated. "Livin’ Life Large®™: Simple Actions that Create Success" is the most basic personal development book ever written using small-town Canadian wisdom.

Changing your life and getting the most out of every single moment of every single day is simple. That is the big secret of success life is simple. A successful life is not the life of a person who makes the most money or has the most possessions. It is the life of the person who is happy, a person who can balance working hard and playing hard and who remembers that at the end of the day the person who wins had the most fun.

Paperback: $13
E-Book: $2 Buy from Smashwords
Audiobook CD: $15
Audiobook Download MP3: $2

Catchin’ The Carrot – A Personal Strategic Plan To Success - Paperback

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Published 2005: ISBN 0-9734589-1-7

This personal planning workbook is for those who strive to achieve more in life. You will quickly and easily gain a better understanding of where you are, where you will be and how to get there.

This process is based on the proven Strategic Planning Process used by many of the world’s most successful corporations. Why not see what it can do for you and your success?

Paperback (Bilingual): $15
E-Book (Bilingual): $2 Buy from Smashwords

Getting off the Treadmill – Activities that Take You Way Outside the Box - E-Book

Published 2004: ISBN 0-9734589-2-5

These 11 weeks of non-traditional experiential learning tools can help you to explore yourself and make changes in your life. You will learn powerful self-affirmations, personal change activities, and more. You have to experience it to truly understand its power.

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