Map to Mentoring – Building a Structured Mentoring Program

There are two types of knowledge: tacit and explicit. The former is the stuff that is learned through experience; the later is trainable.  Organizations account for everything from how much a desk costs to depreciation on transport vehicles – we would know how much it cost our bottom line if a desk walked out the door, but how much does it cost for a 15 year employee to do the same?

The quick answer... Allot!  Knowledge retention and transfer is serious business.  And building a program that can effectively and efficiently do that is gold.

Invite Tyler to share with you how to build a structured mentoring program based on a model used by one of the largest manufactures in the world.  It takes a bit of time to build, but the dividends are paid in employee engagement and dollars and cents.

Don’t get stuck at the intersection –
build your Map to Mentoring.

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