Keynote: Everyday Adventure - How to Live Life Large without climbing Everest

If you are not pushing the envelope you aren’t living.  But really, are you going to climb Everest?  The closest we will probably get to Everest is the ride at Disney.  But just because we aren’t climbing Everest doesn’t mean that we can’t live an adventure lifestyle.
Walk with Tyler through some everyday adventures that you can find in your own community or with a quick commuter flight.  Learn about the psychological and physical benefits of injecting adventure into the everyday.  Find out why and adventurous workplace is a profitable workplace.  Develop a new mantra of instilling the power of adventure in your everyday.  Explore quick techniques of imparting that sense of adventure to your community, children and co-workers.
Tyler is an everyday adventurer, from driving breakneck speeds in a NASCAR and naked wilderness survival to swimming with Great White Sharks and playing restaurant roulette.  You will learn some really simple and effective ways of energizing the everyday, without having to climb Everest.
Educational Objectives:
Team members will learn:
  • identify 3 ways that they can immediately add adventure to their lives
  • explore some new adventures to add to their bucket list
  • become energized by humorous and inspiring real life adventures

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