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Teams work everywhere, and unfortunately that means not always in the same place. In fact, some teams never get to see each other eye to eye – well at least ones that aren’t digitally enhanced. Whether you work in a virtual office setting or just get distanced by the constant use of email with little or no face time due to hectic workloads—this team building workshop is for you!

Effective teams need trust, respect, and camaraderie to get the job done. Building that when you aren’t always in the same area code can be tricky. That’s where this team-building workshop comes in! Come and explore some fun and efficient ways to get your group to know each other in a digital world. Explore some out of the box, unique team building ideas for getting the group to share insight about themselves individually as well as a group.

You’ll learn how to build team albums, find commonalities, and much more. This session will help you find some activities that will help to build meaningful relationships within your working environment.

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