Keynote: MIQ (Multiple Intelligence Quotient)

Some of the top reasons people leave organizations are:

  • Issues with management,
  • Lack of opportunity for challenge and growth in their position, and
  • Lack of recognition of a job well done.

You are invited to spend an interactive (and hilarious) session exploring some things that we can do to keep our teams engaged and functioning collectively.

You will learn:

  • What is needed for effective team building program design (3F’s),
  • How to assess your team’s building style (MIQ), and
  • Simple tools to engage and keep employees.

Our exclusive MIQ process is a way of gathering information on your team members’ individual learning intelligences and then applying them to the collective group to help managers discover and create phenomenal opportunities for leadership.

Get your pens ready. Because this session is like drinking from a fire hose. (But don’t worry this session is in true Tyler fashion – you’re going to bust a gut laughing too!)

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