With text messages flying, Facebook posts burning up cyberspace, and Twitter tweeting like a hungry crow – the plans are in the works for the best weekend ever!  So much so you can already taste the Martinis!

Friday! is the best day of the week because it is a gateway to freedom…  But, you know that, that freedom is not yours because of looming deadlines, emails to respond to, and product to deliver.  So somehow you innately change your state of mind to meet the needs of the day.  You will seamlessly achieve everything, cause it’s Friday!, and you’ve got plans for the weekend.

Friday! truly is a state of mind, and with the Friday mind set you can achieve corporate well being. It is a time when you pull out all the stops, get busy, and get ‘er done.  Join Tyler as he explores the 9 ¾  most important skills to living the Friday! state of mind, everyday.  Laugh along with Tyler while you learn among other things to: drop old behaviors, boost creativity, master meaning, create connection, optimize optimism, vet vision, and peak perform.

So mix up a Martini, turn up the tunes and lighten your load.  We’re unleashing Tyler to change your Monday morning blues, into a Friday! state of mind.


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