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From service excellence to leadership and team development, Tyler consults with companies in a variety of different roles. Some of Tyler’s project successes include:

1. Learning Events

From coordinating the learning plan for an executive level dinner meeting for 60 high power CEOs to delivering a multi-day leadership development conference, Tyler’s skills are as diverse as your imagination. He will work diligently alongside your meeting planner to coordinate a home run for one area of an event, or he is happy to work building your program from facilities to fun.

2. Organizational Team Design and Development

Building a great team starts by looking at the heart beat of the organisation. Tyler’s comprehensive approach to team design and development spans the entire life cycle of your employee from Intake to exit Interview. Solving the mystery of how to ensure that your employees stay engaged and excited about your business is Tyler’s business. Let’s work together to find some Simple, Fun and Effective ways of building your team.

3. Educational Design

How are your people learning? What are your people learning? Is it the right stuff? There is nothing worse than poorly designed and delivered learning programs. Tyler and his colleagues will explore your organizational learning plan, match learning needs with position profiles, and cut the fluff. Likely you are wasting a lot money, but don’t feel bad though most companies are – they just haven’t decided to stop the waste. Let us help you stop the leaks.

4. Service Excellence

Delivering service excellence is the easiest way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Clients have the opportunity to shop the four corners of the world thanks to the proliferation of the internet. Invite Tyler and his colleagues to help you design your Customer Service Excellence program. From delivering to your internal customer to your external customers this little adventure in organizational development can deliver amazing returns on investment. Let’s talk before your customers start talking to your competition.

5. Management Development

Tick tock that population bomb is on it’s final countdown. Are you ready? Hope so. As newer and less experienced managers take the helm, your organization is at risk. The number one reason people leave an organization is because of conflict with their direct manager. Do the math and figure out how much it costs to lose an employee and find a new one… 25, 35, 75k. Simple solution is fill the gap of bad management behaviours with stellar ones. That’s where we come in, with coaching, training, and right fitting. This solution has to happen, it’s just a matter of how much money you will lose before you do it.

6. Structured Mentoring

Effective knowledge transfer is a key to ensuring the seamless continuation of your organization as things change. Changes in the form of retirement, retention, and right fitting. In business there are two forms of learning: tacit and explicit. The later, explicit, is the kind that you can train a monkey to do. This is where you need good training design to teach the function of the position. The former, tacit, is the stuff you learn by doing the job, the stuff nobody tells you how to do… you just figure it out over the years. Now how much of that tacit learning is walking out the door from retirement and employee outmigration? Either way they are taking the learning with them if you don’t have a solid way of capturing it before they leave. Let us help you build your system of keeping knowledge in your company. Visit our break out book: www.14minutementor.com

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