Sample Consulting Projects

Tyler works with other professionals in Human Resources and other specialty areas to provide strong insight, team training and service or management consulting and improvement. Here are some sample projects:


Problem: How do we conduct teambuilding in our coast to coast to coast 24/7 operation?

Solution: Tyler provided a full on management training series that guided the managers through the theory of engagement and team design, as well as delivering practical tools that will help enable them to provide teambuilding events at an international 24/7 operation. Included in the design of the companies program was a host of ready made team programs so that the already busy manager could focus on implementation not design. The benefits of this project include: a library of team programs ready for implementation, a shared direction on building corporate culture, and management skill development in the area teams and engagement.

Long Term Health Care

Problem: How do we retain and engage supervisors all the while preparing for our aging workforces retirement?

Solution: Tyler developed a structured mentoring program that uses his 14-Minute Mentor approach to delivering both hard and soft skill development. This project used current research and emerging national frameworks to inform its content along with an on-site research study of CCA, LPN, RN and Administration. With that comprehensive look an engaging train-the-trainer program was born.

Utility Company

Problem: Do I have the right people, doing the right things with the right skills?

Solution: Together with Dr. Bill Howatt, Tyler helped build a talent map of not only who does what, but more importantly what talents were required to do the job. We were able to help the utility company to begin to design a talent management strategy around the trainable skills and personal traits that are required to do each job inside their HR department. The benefits of this project include: allowing the utility company to make decisions of which employees should be tracked for which positions, streamlining how to conduct new employee hires, creating the framework for training and development of each person in their respective positions, and measuring the importance of the level of expertise required to perform the specific tasks/behaviours of a job.

Federal Government

Problem: How do we improve our skills in customer relation management?

Solution: Together with Dr. Bill Howatt, Tyler helped construct a model for providing customer relationship management (CRM) in Atlantic Canada for their Department. In order to effectively design the model considerable work was conducted to retool service level agreements, core competency profiling, visioning and best practice audits. From there we were able to design a CRM survey as well as guiding principles and trainable skills. The benefits of this project include: a clear and shared vision and like practices for CRM, a forum to share best practices and learn from each other, an online tool for data collection and interpretation, as well as a revision of core business documents.

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