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A Father’s Message in a Bottle

Father's Message In A Bottle

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Published 2012: ISBN 978-1771081962

The responsibility of a father is to be active and present with his children and partner, constantly finding ways to connect and reconnect so his kids know that he loves them and will be there for them, no matter what.

Father''s Message in a Bottle is an inspirational collection of over 60 letters from fathers around the world to the people they love.


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A Mother's Message in a Bottle

Mother’s Message in a Bottle: A Legacy of Love

Published 2014: ISBN 978-1771081924

This book is a wonderful collection of letters of love, leadership, and legacy from mom’s around the world to their children. This book is equally balanced with humour as well as the warmth and enthusiasm so unique to the power of moms.

Our book contains letters from inspiring moms like: Hall of Fame Speakers Naomi Rhode and LeAnn Thieman, a mom who is a recovering alcoholic, a parenting magazine expert, a mom with epilepsy living seizure free, a police officer recovering from cancer, and other moms with beautiful and powerful letters for their children.

This book shares messages of hope, learning, and inspiration. It is a unique book as both a parenting tool as well as an inspirational read. We further create a unique book with an invitation to every mom to participate in the book’s content by reserving space to write their own letter to their children, making the book even more meaningful to the recipients. It is a wonderful way to personalize the gift and create a lifelong meaningful gift for a child of any age.

Choose to connect with your loved ones by dropping a message in the bottle and leave a lasting impression that will be cherished for years to come.

Meet some of our amazing contributors:

Cheryl Cran (

Naomi Rhode (

LeAnn Theiman (

Tami Evans (

Susan Sweeney (

Jody DeVere (

. . . and many more you will discover within the pages.

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Livin’ Life Large®™ – Simple Actions that Create Success - Paperback

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(Published 2005: ISBN 1-897050-03-8)

Life is simple. We make it complicated. Livin’ Life Large®™: Simple Actions that Create Success is the most basic personal development book ever written using small-town Canadian wisdom.

Changing your life and getting the most out of every single moment of every single day is simple. That is the big secret of success life is simple. A successful life is not the life of a person who makes the most money or has the most possessions. It is the life of the person who is happy, a person who can balance working hard and playing hard and who remembers that at the end of the day the person who wins had the most fun.

Paperback: $13
E-Book: $8 Buy from Smashwords
Audiobook CD: $15
Audiobook Download MP3: $2

Catchin’ The Carrot – A Personal Strategic Plan To Success - Paperback

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(Published 2005: ISBN 0-9734589-1-7)

This personal planning workbook is for those who strive to achieve more in life. You will quickly and easily gain a better understanding of where you are, where you will be and how to get there.

This process is based on the proven Strategic Planning Process used by many of the world’s most successful corporations. Why not see what it can do for you and your success?

Paperback (Bilingual): $15
E-Book (Bilingual): $8 Buy from Smashwords

Teambuilding with Intelligence – Effective Icebreakers and Debriefing Tools - Paperback

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(Published 2005, 2009: ISBN 978-1-897050-26-2)

This book is designed for managers, trainers, and team designers who want to reach more people with greater accuracy. Using Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences and Tyler Hayden’s Multiple Intelligence Quotient you will quickly realize that reaching employees means adjusting your style to deliver and assign tasks as they relate to the individuals strongest intelligence.


Not only will you grasp this simple approach, but you will also have hours of ready to use tools at your finger tips. This book does not collect dust!

Paperback: $22
E-Book: $8 Buy from Smashwords

Coffee Talk – The Get to Know You Game – Paperback

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(Published 2006: ISBN 1-897050-08-9)

This intimate and interactive team-building game will have you and your team getting to know one another with the flip of a page. This is the premiere way to get your groups talking and a real hit at your next meeting, retreat or road trip!

The book is bilingual in French and English.

Paperback: $15
E-Book: $8 Buy from Smashwords

Coffee Talk 2 – The Get to Know You Game - Paperback

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(Published 2006: ISBN 1-897050-25-9)

The resounding success of "Coffee Talk" was answered with "Coffee Talk 2!" The same intimate and interactive team-building game you have come to love with all new questions! Same stellar impact you expect at your next retreat!

Paperback: $15
E-Book: $8 Buy from Smashwords

Team Trip Plan - eBook

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(Published 2007: ISBN 978-1-897050-29-1)

I think it was the boy scouts that said, “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” That being said check out this little process team design tool that can help you to plan out your teams development over 4 Quarters. Experience says that busy team leaders have very little time for planning their teams development. This tool allows you to stream line the planning by doing it upfront and strategically enabling the manager to know what needs to be done with out too much labour. Try it for less than the cost of a beer.

E-Book: $8

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