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Tyler Hayden, Canada’s answer to alternative energy is one of Canada’s most memorable and upbeat keynote speakers. Also an internationally recognized workshop leader, Tyler’s hilarious antics inspire, excite, and enlighten.

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The ROI of Tyler Hayden, Keynote Speaker

Fun is the medium to engage your team -  and Tyler has the message. How much is empowering and motivating your team or employees worth? Disengaged employees cost the US economy $254 to $363 billion annually.  Biggest sign of disengagement is absenteeism - costing $40 billion.

Gallup polls have reported engaged workforces outperform their competition with stats like: 86% higher CS ratings, 70% higher productivity, 44% greater profitability, and 78% better safety ratings.

Imagine what it would be like if you had 100 employees who gave 15% more effort on the job willingly - that’s like getting 15 free FTE’s.

Motorola estimates it returns $30 for every dollar spent on professional development.

Tyler regularly tracks highest in participant ratings for keynote and session speakers at conferences.

Memorable Team Building

Team building events are not quickly forgotten in fact Tyler recently met a manager at Staples who had seen him perform for Subway 6 years prior, and she still remembered it as the best management learning session she had ever been to.

Tyler’s DYI team products help teams around the world communicate better.  Pick up a few of those in concert with a live performance and keep the message of livin’ life large™ and the importance of team alive in the everyday!

Tyler regularly keynotes on how to provide team building for both onsite and online teams.

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